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 Who We Are

AxiomTrace has taken great care to search out only the most qualified Investigative Professionals who have many years invested in their respective investigative and research fields.  The core members of our staff, both investigative and administrative, have been working together for over twenty years.  When you retain our services, regardless of your individual needs, you can be assured that your file and the associated tasks are assigned to the Investigative Professional who has the specific training, education and experience to handle your case.  

Michael A. Stewart, CFI, CLI, CLS; Director of Investigations

Michael Stewart is our team leader.  He received his educational training from University of Central Florida, Valencia State College, Seminole State College and Miami-Dade Metropolitan Police Institute.  He has been a licensed investigator for over 28 years and has earned the following certifications and designations: Private Investigator, Certified Fraud Investigator, Advanced Mortgage and Title Fraud Certification, Real Estate Sales Fraud Specialist, Certified Asset Recovery Specialist, Certified Locate Specialist, Personal and Corporate Security Consultant, Locate Seminar Trainer, Advanced Interview and Interrogation Certification,  Collateral Recovery Seminar Trainer, Executive Protection Certification, Bail Enforcement Fugitive Recovery Specialist, Licensed Claims Adjuster, Real Estate Sales Agent.  He has been working in the White Collar Crime, Financial Fraud and SIU arenas for many years handling complex issues such as; defalcations, embezzlement schemes, Ponzi schemes, check fraud, identity fraud, title/mortgage fraud cases, copyright and trademark infringement, asset recovery, as well as any and all Private Investigations such as; domestic/family/elderly cases, Workers Compensation, disability and insurance fraud, missing persons cases and all litigation support functions.  Additionally, his many years of experience have made him a specialist in hard case process service.  When others failed to get the job done...  He did not...

Denice J. Stewart, FI, CPL; Director of Operations

Denice Stewart is our administrative director.  She has received undergraduate and graduate degrees from University of Central Florida and Rollins College.  She has been involved in the investigative and legal fields for over 20 years.  She is a Fraud InvestigatorCertified Paralegal and our Chief Research Analyst holding degrees in Public Relations and Paralegal Studies. She has extensive experience in Business ManagementCollections and Entertainment Legalities as well as many years in Client Relations.  She will provide an extremely cooperative working environment while adhering to assigned task schedules.  Should you or your staff have any problems, contact her immediately for results.

Associate Investigative Professionals; Listed as follows

Additionally, our Associates Investigative Professionals have been part of our team for many years.  The expertise and services brought to bear by our Investigative Team and our Associated Investigative Professionals coupled with our experienced Administrative Support staff will create a cooperative environment centered on assisting you to determine and meet your goals.

Frank X. Gramlich
Associate Financial Investigator
Retired 25 year FBI Bank Fraud Unit Supervisor                                                                                                
15 year Certified Fraud Examiner
State Attorney Expert Witness
Certified Forensic Accountant
Interview and Interrogation Specialist

Harvey Altes
Associate Financial Investigator
30 year Certified Fraud Examiner
State Attorney Expert Witness                                                                                                                       
Certified Legal Investigator
Certified Handwriting Analyst
Missing Persons Locate Trainer
Cody L. Gear, Esq, CFE; Associate Criminal Investigator
Retired Chief of Police, Homicide Detective
Certified Fraud Examiner
Certified Court Arbitrator
Human Trafficking Research Specialist
Bail Enforcement Fugitive Recovery Specialist
Missing Persons Specialist
Brent Thompson, CSS, CARS; Associate SIU Investigator
20 year Certified Surveillance Specialist
Domestic/Family Law Investigative Specialist
Personal Security Consultant                                                                                                               
Certified Asset Recovery Specialist
Recovery Agent
Bail Enforcement Fugitive Recovery Specialist
Field Collection Specialist
Rick Souliotis; RA, TTS; Associate Investigative Recovery Agent
Recovery Agent
Towing and Transport Specialist
Fleet Manager
Field Collection Specialist
Protection Specialist
Jeffrey White, CCFS; Associate Research Analyst                                                                                  
Certified Computer Forensic Specialist
Intellectual Properties Security Specialist                                                                                                     
Sports Advertising Investigative Specialist
Field Representative
Wayne L. Stewart, CCA; Associate SIU Professional
30 year Certified Claims Adjuster
Fraud Research Analyst
Court Certified Arbitrator
Field Representative
Jim Maloof, CARS, CLS;
Associate Field Services Professional
15 year Certified Asset Recovery Specialist
Recovery Agent
Domestic/Family Law Investigative Specialist
Certified Auto Theft Consultant
Certified Locate Specialist
Lien Research Specialist
Field Collection Specialist

Matthew Langenbach; CSS, EPS; Associate SIU Professional
Certified Surveillance Specialist
Domestic/Family Investigative Specialist
Executive Protection Specialist
Personal Security Consultant
Bail Enforcement Fugitive Recovery Specialist
Weapons Training Specialist
Field Collection Specialist___________________________________________________________________

Marc Batchelor; CCFS;
Associate Research Analyst
Intellectual Properties Security Specialist
Certified Computer Forensic Specialist
Electronic Surveillance Specialist
Recovery Agent
Field Representative______________________________________________________________________

Robert Pelton
Lieutenant, S.P.O.; Associate Resource Officer              
Altamonte Springs Police Dept. Active Duty Public Information Officer                                                                            
Certified Criminal Practioner                                                                                                                  
Personal and Corporate Security Consultant

If there is a specific Associate Investig
ator that you wish to work with or contact please send us an email at our general email address: Axiomtrace@cfl.rr.com and someone will contact you as soon as possible

We have affiliated inv
estigative services located throughout the country as well as the Caribbean, South and Central America and Western Europe.

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