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 Surveillance Services

AxiomTrace employs several staff investigators who standout throughout the entire Southeastern United States in this field.  Unlike many in the investigation industry these investigators actually enjoy surveillance...  They have received the best possible training available and have a virtually unblemished track record with regard to covert video surveillance and target shadowing.  This being said, we feel the use of surveillance should only be used in matters where the desired data cannot be obtained through other investigative needs.  Surveillance is often the most time consuming type of investigative procedure often resulting in minimal return so we prefer to only employ this method after thorough research to verify the need for it.  We conduct extensive logistical and background research prior to conducting any field operations in an effort to keep the client's expense to a minimum.

These services are a crucial tool in many forms of investigative work such as: Senior/Disabled Persons, Spousal and Child abuse, Workers Compensation claims, Disability claims, Personal Injury claims and Employee pilferage.  Processes include but are not limited to:
  • Covert video and photographic surveillance
  • Target shadowing and activities documentation
  • Various forms of legally admissible electronic surveillance
  • Electronic tracking
  • Covert role playing to gain confidence of targets to gather data
The Investigative Professionals that comprise our surveillance team stand ready to conduct this service to facilitate gathering evidence for any and all types of investigations listed throughout this website.  We will only provide surveillance results that are legally admissible as evidence in a court of law, civil or criminal, while adhering to all personal privacy guidelines as mandated by Federal Statute.

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