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Protection and Security

AxiomTrace employs Investigative Protection Agents that have spent many years dealing with all forms of crime, fraud and persons who's intentions on the public are meant to harm and profit from your misfortunes.  All agents have previous Law Enforcement, Special Forces Military and specialized protection training.  Allow the training, experience, sense of awareness and intuition of our plain clothes Investigative Agents be your shield from these elements using the utmost logistical and profiling skills that comes with experience.  Whether you are a vacationing dignitary, an employer forced to let go a malcontent employee or the victim of impending domestic violence, our trained professionals can provide a presence of security as well as document what has actually occurred.

Executive Protection:

These services are designed with perception in mind and can be tailored to meet your distinct needs and style.  We can either present a commanding presence while escorting a client or remain less conspicuous and blend in with the surrounding environment.

While we can and do provide a secure presence for any person of importance or in the public eye our Investigative Protection Agents can also be your source of truth and protection from erroneous claims against our clients from persons whose intentions are to defraud and malign for the purpose of financial gain.

Threat Risk Assessment and Containment:

These services can be called upon in situation whereby a person or entity has designs on causing harm to a individual, company reputation or property.  In the event that a disgruntled employee who has been let go, a defendant in a civil matter who has suffered some financial penalty as a result of litigation or any emotionally charged individual who may desire to take out frustrations on a client in a harmful way, we can help.

Allow our Investigative Protection Agents to conduct a thorough assessment of this persons motives, wherewithal and activities to determine if they have designs on causing you harm.  This extensive research can include documenting any actions, financial expenditures and potential psychiatric profile that may lead a client to determine the need for further security and to liaison with law enforcement for court mandated protection.  Often cases of this nature require approaching the situation with creativity.  It is necessary to put on your potential assailants hat to determine how he or she may feel and therefore act.  With all of this data assimilated we then can map out the most thorough and concise operational plan to provide the appropriate protective measures.

Domestic Protection:

These services are designed to be a source of focus and unbiased clear thinking in what is often an emotionally charged situation.  Whether you need individual security in matters of domestic spousal abuse or security for minor children caught in the middle of child custody battle.  Allow our Investigative Protection Agents to be provide the legal and logistical knowledge to keep your family safe as we liaison with law enforcement while assessing the threat potential of those meaning you harm.

All of our Investigative Protection Agents are licensed by the State of Florida to carry firearms and receive specific training in the use of all weapons for the purpose of defense of others.  You can contact our office for a list of other states that provide reciprocity for carrying a firearm.

Know your enemies and you can protect yourself from them...

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