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Locate Investigations

AxiomTrace and all of our staff investigators specialize in the location research of... anything or anyone...!  Often the location of persons, funds, transaction records, collateral, assets...etc is the crux of any investigation therefore this is an area that we particularly excel at.  Our Investigative Professionals understand the urgency often associated with this type of information and often the additional data gathered during this phase of a case comes into play during any expanded investigation that may ensue.

Asset, Entity and Person Locate Investigations:

These services combine comprehensive desk top database research with expert field tracking services resulting in the provision of the most up to date intelligence available such as:
  • Verified current location and vital information on individuals or business entities; where permissible
  • Asset valuation on holdings for individuals or business entities
  • Asset attachment litigation support
  • Complete dossiers on individuals or business entities to determine financial stability and viability
Bail Enforcement Support Investigations:

AxiomTrace employs staff investigators who routinely assist in the location of fugitives and bail skips for the Bonding Industry.  Allow our street savvy investigators to use their expert field tracking skills to locate your target, contact your recovery agents and continue to shadow the target until they arrive and take over the scene.  If necessary, our training affords you the choice to request further assistance in the actual recovery.

Please Note:

AxiomTrace does not engage in the re-selling of available internet data and all information gathered is disseminated, verified, expanded upon and used for furtherance of your investigative needs.  Gathered intelligence is provided within the constraints of Federal guidelines.  Information gathered from Database Search Engines is where the investigation STARTS...!  Not where it ENDS...!

When you chose to rely on information provided by internet search engines without the benefit of expert analysis you usually get what you pay for...

All cases in this category will generate a brief fact synopsis unless specified otherwise.

Provide the resources... We will find Jimmy Hoffa, D.B. Cooper and your lost dog...

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