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 Financial Investigations

AxiomTrace employs staff investigators and liaisons with Associated Investigative Professionals who specialize in any and all Title, Real Estate, Mortgage and Lender issues having extensive experience conducting fraud claim related research for several large Title Underwriters and Lenders.  Further, we have extensive knowledge and experience with regard to Senior/Disabled Persons, Domestic and Health Care fraud which often causes extreme financial hardship and loss of financial security.  Additionally, we will liaison with law enforcement authorities should it become necessary for the furtherance of your objectives.

The following is a sample of financial specific investigations, research and field services that our Investigative Professionals can provide for you...

Comprehensive Investigative Services:

These services are generally relegated to case work that necessitate legally admissible research results in: 

  •      Defalcation and Embezzlement
  •      Title Insurance Fraud
  •      Mortgage Fraud
  •      PMI Fraud
  •      Title Agency Terminations, Suspensions and Documentation
  •      Title Agency Pre-Sign Audits
  •      Financial and Computer Forensics
  •      Illicit Conveyance Research
  •      Identity and Credit Fraud
  •      Senior/Disabled Persons Fraud
  •      Benefit and Entitlement Fraud
  •      Insurance Fraud
  •      Health Care Fraud
  •      Workers Compensation/Disability/Personal Injury Fraud
  •      Asset Research and Judgment Attachment
  •      Advanced Background and History Research
  •      Counterfeit Document Detection
  •      Money Laundering Research 
  •      Quality Assurance Reviews
  •      Court Appointed Hard Case Process Service
  •      Affidavit Preparation
  •      Field Interviews
  •      Deposition Support
  •      Expert Witness Testimony
  •      Collateral Recovery and Fund Collection
  •      Worthless Check Mitigation
  •      Any Attorney/Client related work product and/or litigation support
  •      Any and all forms of White Collar Crime 
All cases in these categories will generate a comprehensive and concise investigative report.  DVD, Digital Record and Video Tape evidence provided by request on all appropriate casework.

Fund Tracing:

Almost all of the services listed above center around coming to a core result; find the money... but finding the money is usually impossible if you cannot follow the money...  This is one of our core specialties...  Let our team of Investigative Professionals work in concert to track, map and report not only where your funds are now but in what form and the processes that got it there.  Knowing the methods that fraudsters used to move or launder your funds will not only assist in potential recoupment through litigation but also facilitate a productive criminal case should that be your goal.  Remember... law enforcement is not going to put this case on the forefront of their agenda, no matter how much money has been stolen, unless there has been serious bodily injury.  That is not the method of white collar criminals so they often get away with their crimes.  Let us wrap up your investigation and put a big bow on it for law enforcement so they can get their headlines easily but more importantly... you get your money back.

Evidence Handling:

Upon request, we will provide secure storage for custody, care and control of all files, computer equipment and software, documents and funds that may be gathered.  We adhere to a strict chain of custody procedure for all items deemed as evidence, whether civil or criminal in nature.

Hard Case Process Service:

AxiomTrace employs staff investigators who excel at hard case process service.  The process serving industry is predicated on a theory of: quantity over quality...  They are not trained appropriately nor do they wish to conduct themselves with an investigative acumen and merely need to get as many persons served per day as possible.  By virtue of Court Appointment as Special Process Server our Investigative Professionals will... get your target served...  This service applies to all forms of litigation support as documented throughout this website.

As mandated certified Proof of Service will be provided on all cases in this category.

Often things are not what they seem... Let us help you see clearly...

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