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 Field Services

AxiomTrace will provide a staff member at any level necessary to be your companies representative in the field.  Often there are tasks a client requires that their staff does not have the manpower, time or expertise for.  Let our Investigative Professionals or Administrative Professionals be your eyes, ears, hands, feet and brains in the field for whatever task you may need.

Field Service Investigations:

These services are for the purpose of providing your firm a competent, professional presence in the field for the following tasks:       

  •       Mortgage Related Occupancy Verification
  •       Title Agency Pre-Sign Audits
  •       Risk Management Evaluations
  •       Notarized Document Execution
  •       Process Service of Non-Judicial Documents
  •       Debtor Interviews
  •       Merchant Account Site Inspections
  •       Basic Statement Documentation
  •       Application Verification
  •       Beneficiary Verification 
  •       Property Preservation Verification 
  •       Various Other Field Related Services
  •       Secure Detainee Transport and Delivery 

All cases in this category will generate a brief fact synopsis.

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