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 Consultation Services

AxiomTrace employs a wide range of Investigative Professionals that have specific as well as broad areas of expertise.  While not wanting to limit your need for our services in the future, we feel that an informed client base is an asset to our industry as well as yours.  Allow our professionals... to consult with your professionals...

Training Seminars and Consulting Services:

These services utilize specific investigators and associates with the credentials, certifications and experience to conduct training seminars to your respective staff members and/or specific consultation in their areas of expertise so as to provide your company with the tools to streamline your losses or exposure to litigation.  If you have a specific need or area for which you would be interested in retaining our services, please contact our office to discuss your issue and determine how we can be the most beneficial.  Based upon what is needed we will then construct a tailored seminar to meet your needs and present the plan for your approval or determine if an individual consultation with a trainer on your staff is more appropriate.

Let us share with you what we know...

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