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 Background Research

AxiomTrace has Professional Investigative Analysts on staff who excel in matters of Background Research.  The results of this research can be crucial for any transaction, merger, hire or for authorized common knowledge.  It is imperative that you retain an investigative agency that adheres strictly to all federal, state and municipal guidelines when delving in the personal background of any individual for any reason.  Whether you require batch work running Surface Background Research to bolster large numbers of potential employee hires or sensitive Executive Background Research delving deep into every facet of lifestyle of a potential high level corporate officer hire... We conduct discreet, thorough and complete background research for any qualified reason, providing you with data legally obtainable nowhere else.

The following is a sample of research procedures that can be conducted with proper authorization:
  •       Complete criminal history searches on a national level or county by county
  •       Non convicted arrest records
  •       Complete drivers license and vehicle ownership history
  •       Complete credit history profile with assistance to decipher and sequence produced data
  •       Tactful, discreet interviews of previous employers, co-workers, friends, neighbors and others
  •       Thorough research of Public Records and Court documentation to determine litigation activity
  •       Activities research to determine lifestyle habits
  •       Social Media, Cell Phone and Texting trends and uses
  •       Target interviews
  •       Polygraph and Psychological Stress Examination services

The depth of research requested as well as the frequency will determine the expense level of this research.  Let us  sit down with you and devise the exact level of research needed to meet your goals.  The research results of these services can be used for a wide variety of purposes with proper authorization.  This may include covert research leaving no residue search traces on your target's dossier provided a legally binding need can be proven or as mandated by court order.

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