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 About Us

AxiomTrace is a Full Service Private Investigative Agency. with a wide scope of research expertise. Our investigators have over 60 years combined experience serving the business, legal, financial, insurance and general public community across the State of Florida and throughout the country for well over 25 years.

Our team of highly trained Financial, SIU, Criminal, Protective and Domestic investigators can handle any task ranging from old fashioned gum shoe detective work to advanced computer forensics and database research...  in a more cost efficient manner than our qualified competitors.  Couple this with the assistance of our Professional support staff, your tasks will be performed seamlessly.

We have highly trained Financial, SIU, Criminal and Domestic investigators on staff and as associates with the following certifications, credentials and designations:     

  •         Certified Fraud Examiners, CFE
  •         Certified Fraud Investigators, CFI 
  •         Certified Legal Investigators, CLI 
  •         Certified Asset Recovery Specialist, CARS
  •         Certified Forensic Accountant, CFA
  • Private Investigators  
  •         Advanced Mortgage and Title Fraud Certification
  • Real Estate Sales Fraud Specialist
  •         Law Enforcement Certified Criminal Practioner
  •         Advanced Surveillance and Detection Certification
  •         Advanced Interview and Interrogation Certification
  •         Computer and Financial Forensics Specialist
  •         Threat Risk Assessment and Containment Certification
  •         Collateral and Asset Locate Specialist
  •         PMMI Child Sexual Abuse Investigative Certification
  •         Domestic, Senior/Disabled Persons, Infidelity and Child Custody Specialist
  •         Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis Certification
  •         Certified Personal Security and Protection Specialist
  •         Secure Detainee Transport
  •         Bail Enforcement and Fugitive Recovery Specialist
  •         Hard Case Process Service Specialist
  •         25 year One on One Field Collection Specialist
  •         Locate and Skip-Trace Seminar Trainer
  •         Certified Court Arbitrator
  •         Notary Public 
  •         Licensed Insurance Claims Adjuster
  •         Military Intelligence Trainer
  •         SSBI Federal Security Clearance
  •         Combined 40 years Federal and Municipal Retired Law Enforcement

AxiomTrace is licensed pursuant to Florida Statute 493 and has active working relationships with investigators holding companion licenses in: Alabama, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and California.  We have associates and affiliates in all 50 states as well as United Kingdom, Germany, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina and throughout the Caribbean.  We only contract with other investigators or agencies with whom we have a long standing working relationships and those who meet our strict standards of conduct, training and liability protections.

AxiomTrace is affiliated with, received training and certification from and  liaisons with members from numerous professional organizations including: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, National Association of Fraud Investigators, World Association of Detectives, National Association of Legal Investigators, U.S. Association of Professional Investigators, Council of International Investigators, International Intelligence Network, Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, Florida Association of Licensed Recovery Agents, American College of Forensic Investigators, Miami-Dade Metro Police Institute, Griffin Group, Time Finance Adjusters, P.I. Now, Lawgical.

Ask yourself and your colleagues... Has any investigative firm you have ever retained asked you to check on the track record of their agents with the State of Florida, Federal Agencies and the Better Business Bureau...  At AxiomTrace we invite you to contact the Florida Division of Licensing to check on our history, or lack thereof, regarding complaints or any misconduct.  Likewise, we invite you to contact the Better Business Bureau for the same reasons.  Finally, we will provide you with all information necessary, upon request, to confirm the lack of any claims generated by our investigators, analysts or administrative staff due to misconduct or ethics breaches.  If any agency that you contract with will not comply with these requests, ask yourself why...

The services listed throughout this website are some of the specifics... but often our clients need more... they need creativity...

We here at AxiomTrace live and breath creativity and ingenuity...  If you have an unusual or creative need... Call us, let us sit down with you and devise the best way to meet your goals in the most thorough, creative, cost efficient and legally admissible manner possible...

AxiomTrace strictly adheres to all Federal, State and Municipal statutes and guidelines.  We are well versed and trained in the knowledge of: Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Drivers Privacy Protection Act, Sarbanes-Oxley and all regulations regarding personal information privacy and 3rd party disclosure for the purpose of eliminating any adverse exposure to our clients.

Choose wisely...!!!            AxiomTrace...             the right choice...!!!
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